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Suffering from Bursitis?

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What is a bursa and what is Bursitis ?

A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that cushions an area of friction between tissues, such as tendon and bone. Bursae are lined with synovial cells, which secrete a synovial fluid.This synovial fluid acts as a lubricant when parts of the body move.  Most people have about 160 bursae throughout the body. Common locations are: around the joints of the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and adjacent to the Achilles tendon in the heel.

Inflammation of a bursa is called bursitis.

What are the causes of bursitis? 

Common causes of bursitis are -

  • Repetitive trauma (most common cause)

  • Infection

  • Secondary to rheumatological diseases.

What are the commonly seen bursitis ?

Subacromial bursitis

Trochenteric bursitis

Prepatellar bursitis

Pes anserine bursitis

Retrocalcaneal bursitis

Baker’s Cyst

What are the less common types of bursitis? 

Olecranon bursitis, Iliopectineate bursitis, Psoas bursitis, Ischiogluteal bursitis, Gluteus medius bursitis, infra-patellar bursitis, Retroachillis bursitis etc are less common.

What are the treatments for bursitis?

  • P: protection

  • R: rest

  • I:  Ice

  • C: compression

  • E: Elevation

  • M: medicine

What are the treatments for bursitis when not responding to medicines, exercise? 

  • Intervention: Injection of steroid / PRP/ Prolotherapy 

  • Surgery

What are the advantage of Injection treatment for bursitis?

These are procedures suited for office based practice/daycare procedure

Extremely low incidence of complication

Diagnostic value

Relatively inexpensive.

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