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 Ozone Nucleolysis: ozone therapy for slip disc
(Treatment of Slipped Disk without Surgery)

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What is Ozone Nucleolysis or ozone therapy for slip disc? 

Ozone Nucleolysis is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure for SLIP DISC or disc prolapse that exploits the biochemical properties of a gas mixture of oxygen and ozone.

A safer alternative to Chemonucleolysis, other interventions and disc surgery.
It has high success rate(88%).
It is less invasive.
Fewer chances of recurrences. 
Remarkably fewer side effects.


In which condition ozone nucleolysis is done ? 

Ozone nucleolysis is usually done for the management of pain due to  slipped disc or herniated disc 

Ozone Nucleolysis: How it acts?

It’s action is due to the active oxygen atom (singlet oxygen) liberated from it. It attaches with the proteo-glycan bridges in the nucleus pulposus. They are broken down and they no longer capable of holding water. As a result disc shrinks and mummified and there is decompression of nerve roots. 

Ozone Nucleolysis: Is it safe ?

 Yeas, it is safer than other procedures. Not a single serious life-threatening complications was found in over 200,000 cases of Ozonucleolysis in different centers of European countries.In a multi-centre, retrospective 3 year follow-up study of lumber disc herniation treated with European Neurosurgical Institute protocol of ozone therapy in 917 patients showed 78.9% good & excellent results with only one case of disc infection which healed with antibiotic. 

 Ozone Nucleolysis: the procedure - 

Percutaneous injection of ozone-oxygen mixture.Conc. Of ozone is 29-30 microgram /ml.Ozone gas is injected immediately from an ozone generator.3-10 ml of ozone is injected at the centre of the disc with/without intraforaminal injection.Procedure is performed under CT or C-Arm guidance. 

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