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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Treatment for Knee Pain 

One of the common  problems now a days is probably the knee pain. We provide all non operative treatments for knee pain. 

We do 

1. Medical Management. 
2. Exercises. 
3. Diet Advice. 
4. Prolotherapy. 
5 . Prolozone therapy. 

6. Viscosupplimentation.

7. Surgery. 

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Common questions asked by patients in knee pain 


How osteoarthritis knee is graded ?

Kellgren and Lawrence system for classification of osteoarthritis of knee is based on X ray findings as follows -

Grade 0: No radiographic features of OA are present all normal findings.
Grade 1: Doubtful joint space narrowing and possible osteophytic lipping.
Grade 2: Definite osteophytes and possible joint space narrowing on anteroposterior standing X Ray.
Grade 3: Multiple osteophytes, definite joint space narrowing, sclerosis, possible bony deformity.
Grade 4: Large osteophytes, marked joint space narrowing, severe sclerosis and definite bony deformity.

Is there any way to avoid operation in osteoarthritis knee ?
What is the chance of success in knee replacement ?
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