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Management of Procedural Pain during endoscopic discectomy


Endoscopic discectomy  has now became almost a standard procedure for prolapsed intervertebral disc. There are many advantages of the endoscopic discectomy over the open discectomy like minimal hospital stay, almost stichless minimally invesive procedure and better patient satisfaction. 

But one of the important concern during the procedure is management procedural pain.  Applying general anaesthesia is not quite appreciate as  there may be more chance of injury to neutral structures. Only local anaesthesia is not sufficient to manage the pain during passing the dialator through the annulas fibrosus. 

So we have tried successfully a new technique for the same gray Rami comments block. Please read the published article. 

ORIGINAL ARTICLE - Rami Communicans Block Prior to Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy relieves Procedure Pain Significantly and adds Safety: A Case–control Study Das D, Dey S, Sharma RS, Sharma K, Dutta D , Roy C. Journal on Recent Advances in Pain 2017 | May-August | Issue2 10.5005/jp-journals-10046-0076

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